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The Finance Expo 2017 Click here to register

Posted on Friday, 30 June 2017

The 2017 Finance Expo is locked in for early August and has an exciting new look and feel.

This year’s edition of The Finance Expo is themed around improving the efficiency of your lending business. Hear presentations from leading industry providers, updates about the PPSR replacement programme and news on the latest trends and developments in the Finance Industry. Join us for lunch and an opportunity to interact with key industry providers.

Guest Speaker:

Also hear from Rob Bryant on how he grew a small lending business into a leading ASX listed company with over 400 employees and 70 Branches. Hear how the company did, what he learned and what he would do differently next time!

Special Deals:

Attend to receive fantastic savings from all the major sponsors – but, they will only be available on the day for those that attend.

Who should attend?

All members of the NZ finance industry are invited and the attendee list will encompass a broad spectrum of the industry, from Tier One lenders to the smallest Loan Companies.

Free Lunch?

Yes, lunch will be provided and it is free!

When and Where:

Christchurch: 2nd August, 10.30am – 2.00 pm
Sudima Hotel, 550 Memorial Ave, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch 8053

Auckland: 3rd August, 10.30am – 2.00 pm
Ellerslie Racecourse, 80 Ascot Ave, Remuera, Auckland 1051

finPOWER Connect 3.00.02 Released

Posted on Friday, 7 October 2016

Some of the highlights are:

  • Accounts.
    • Payment Arrangements; additional Direct Debit payment on same date not being processed correctly.
  • Security Statements
    • Land Security Items; now allow Prior Ranking to be greater than item's Total Value.
  • Workflows.
    • Australian PPSR Search implemented for Client Workflows.
  • Banking
    • New "BSP Biller" import service added for Fiji.
  • Credit Bureaus
    • Veda Australia; new product "Business Enquiry".
    • Veda Australia; new product "IDMatrix" for individual verification. Note, this product is in (BETA).
    • Credit Sense; updated to version 1.2 specification, including Decision Points and Supplemental Report 10.
    • Centrix "Consumer Product Enquiry".
    • Centrix Security Enquiry Report; updated to Summary Page 2
    • NZ Companies Office; updated default URLs.
    • Added Export Credit Reporting wizard.
  • Electronic Signatures
    • Secured Signing; new "Sign Up" button.
  • Documents
    • Loan Declaration of Purpose (NZ CCCFA); updated to a "Word Document" file type.
    • Account Settlement Summary; updated to a "Word Document" file type.
  • Reports
    • Loan Cash Flow Report; added option to show outstanding Overdue as paid today.
    • Security Statement Details Report; new option to include full Security Item details.
  • Users
    • User Policies; new option to make User Email mandatory.
  • SQL Server databases
    • Now allows Port Number to be specified

For a full list of all the release notes click here

finPOWER Connect 3.00.01 Released

Posted on Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Some of the highlights are:

  • Accounts.
    • New option to show/ hide "zero value" Interest Transactions.
  • Deposits.
    • Interest Payments for the same "Main" Client may now be combined.
    • The final Interest Payment for a Fixed Term Deposit can now be compounded.
    • Tax Certificates are now available in Australia.
  • Australian PPSR.
    • An issue discharging a Security Item has been fixed.
  • Credit Enquiries.
    • Centrix New Zealand. Added SmartID AML/CFT identity verification option to the "Consumer Product Enquiry" Credit Enquiry.
    • VedaConnect Australia.: Global Settings for VedaXML and VedaConnect have been combined into one page.
    • New Credit Enquiry product "Company Enquiry" has been added for VedaConnect.
    • VedaXML service now warns the User that it is obsolete and to use the VedaConnect service.
  • Bank Export.
    • "HSBC Batch Payments" Direct Credit and Direct Debit file export added.
  • General Ledger Interfaces.
    • Export added for "MYOB AccountRight".
  • Comprehensive Credit Reporting (BETA).
    • Beta release of the new Add-On for Comprehensive Credit Reporting in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Electronic Signatures (BETA).
    • Added "Secured Signing" service.
    • Added "Adobe Sign" service, replaces Adobe eSign service.

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finPOWER Connect 3.00.00 Released

Posted on Wednesday, 6 July 2016

This is a major release, including updated database, user interface and many new features. Please take your time reviewing the changes before upgrading.

Note, version 3 of finPOWER Connect can run side by side with version 2.x, i.e. you don't have to uninstall version 2.x.

Some of the highlights are:

  • User Interface enhancements.
    • Record Bookmarking added.
    • Quick Search Summary; now includes Log, Email and SMS actions.
    • Email Address and Phone Numbers; validation of email and phone numbers added.
  • Supported Countries.
    • Added support for United States of America.
  • Time Zones.
    • Time Zone support added.
  • Account Applications.
    • Now in General Release.
  • Accounts.
    • Standard Transactions now support a Value Basis of "Percent of Regular Payment".
    • Accounting Ledgers now include a new "Suspended" Status.
  • Documents.
    • Word and Excel Template Document may now be embedded into the Document record.
    • New "Word Document" document type.
    • Does not require Microsoft Word.
    • Much faster to create a document.
    • Create PDF files.
    • New Print Documents wizard.
  • Banking.
    • Direct Debits now support combining Transactions for the same main Client, Bank Account etc.
    • New "CBA CommBiz Priority Payments" service added for Australia.
    • Email Address and Phone Numbers; validation of email and phone numbers added.
  • Credit Bureau.
    • Added Centrix NZ Consumer Address Trace facility.
    • Added Centrix NZ Consumer Monitoring facility.
    • Centrix now support retrieving existing Reports (where available).
    • NZ Companies Office interface updated to version 3 specification.
  • User Interface enhancements.
    • Record Bookmarking added.
    • Quick Search Summary; now includes Log, Email and SMS actions.
    • Email Address and Phone Numbers; validation of email and phone numbers added.
  • Securities.
    • Insurance Company can now link to External Party Insurers.
    • Quick Search Summary; now includes Log, Email and SMS actions.
    • Email Address and Phone Numbers; validation of email and phone numbers added.
  • Security Enquiries.
    • MotorWeb; Sign-up link and Product Names updated.
    • Centrix Wheels; now includes COF status fields.
    • Email Address and Phone Numbers; validation of email and phone numbers added.
  • Scripting.
    • Additional Code Snippets added.
    • Performance optimisations.
    • Email Address and Phone Numbers; validation of email and phone numbers added.
  • Performance.
    • New "Preload information when opening database" option added.
    • Large Scripts now compile much faster.
    • New Database indexes to speed up some queries.
For a full list of all the release notes click here

First mobile traders sentenced under new laws with increased penalties

Posted on Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Commerce Commission have advised that mobile traders Goodring Company Limited (Goodring) and Betterlife Corporation Limited (Betterlife) have been fined a total of $171,500 after being sentenced in Auckland District Court.

They are the first to be sentenced under strengthened Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 (CCCFA) laws for lenders which came into force last year.

Goodring was fined $98,000 for breaches of the CCCFA, and the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act (FSPA). Betterlife was fined $73,500 for breaches of sections 17 and 32 of the CCCFA.

Goodring and Betterlife had earlier pleaded guilty to 28 charges and six charges respectively under the CCCFA, relating to their lending practices. Both companies failed to provide borrowers with the legally required information and the information was also not provided in a clear and concise way, as required by the Act. Goodring faced two additional charges under the FSPA. Under that Act, lenders must be registered on the Financial Service Providers register. Despite being aware of this requirement, Goodring was not registered.

For more, read here

Google Bans Payday Lender Adverts

Posted on May 12, 2016

Google has announced it will ban all payday loan ads from its site, bowing to concerns by critics who say the lending practice exploits the poor and vulnerable by offering them immediate cash that must be paid back under sky-high interest rates.

The decision is the first time Google has announced a global ban on ads for a broad category of financial products. To this point, the search giant has prohibited ads for largely illicit activities such as selling guns, explosives and drugs, and limited those that are sexually explicit or graphic in nature, for example. Critics of payday lenders say they hope the move by Google and other tech companies might undercut the business which finds huge numbers of willing customers on the internet.

The move also shows the willingness of big tech companies to weigh in on critical policy issues - and exert their power as the gateways for the internet. Facebook also does not display ads for payday loans. But others, such as Yahoo, still do.

Consumers will still be able to find payday lenders from a Google search. But the ads that appear on the top and right-hand side of a search results page will not show marketing from the payday lending industry beginning on July 13.

For more, read here

Lenders must repay all fees and interest if they don’t comply with disclosure rules

Posted on May 09, 2016

The Commerce Commission is reminding lenders that failing to disclose key information to borrowers in their consumer credit contracts could result in the repayment of all fees and interest on each loan for the period until disclosure is corrected.

Changes made to New Zealand’s credit laws (Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 (CCCFA)) in June last year mean lenders must disclose specific key information to borrowers, including the term of the loan, total amount, interest, fees, any security taken and the effect of that security, and the borrower’s right to apply for relief on grounds of unforeseen hardship. The Commission has been active in enforcing the law changes and currently has a number of investigations underway involving lenders that have not complied with their disclosure obligations.

Commissioner Anna Rawlings says the consequences for lenders of failing to disclose key information to borrowers are significant. “If that key information is not adequately disclosed, lenders are unable to enforce any interest or credit fees during the period of non-compliance. For some lenders this could run into the millions of dollars.”

“The law applies to lenders of all sizes and types, from small payday lenders through to our major banks. The responsibility to ensure contracts comply with the law rests squarely with those lenders and it is essential that they ensure their disclosure documents have been reviewed and they are satisfied that the documents contain all of the relevant key information required by the CCCFA,” said Ms Rawlings.

“If a lender finds their documents don’t contain all the key information they should seek legal advice immediately. We would recommend that they update the documents and disclose the missing information to all their current debtors as soon as possible.”

“Lenders had 12 months prior to the law changing to get up to speed with the changes and to ensure that their documents and processes complied with the law. Detailed information on the changes has been available to lenders and the Commission ran a number of workshops to help lenders to understand what is required of them. There is no excuse for non-compliance and the Commission will take enforcement action against those who do not comply.”

In addition to refunding the interest and fees, lenders who don’t comply with the rules could face a range of potential criminal enforcement action and fines with a maximum fine for complete non-disclosure of up to $600,000.

For more information see here

NZ Commerce Commission releases Animations to up-skill Borrowers

Posted on March 08, 2016

The Commerce Commission has today launched an original animated series to raise awareness of consumer rights. It’s All Good features New Zealand’s sharpest legal advisor Aunty and her nephew Herman Faleafa, with their debut appearance targeted at raising awareness of borrowers’ rights following the introduction of new credit laws in 2015.

The development of an animated series is a first for the Commission as part of its role to provide information and guidance about the laws it enforces, including the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA).

Commissioner Anna Rawlings said the decision to launch the series on credit issues reflects the Commission’s focus on the consumer protection objectives emphasised in the recent credit law changes.

“Credit is widely utilised in New Zealand. It is important that borrowers understand the new processes that lenders must follow when providing credit and are familiar with their rights and obligations if they decide to get a loan,” Ms Rawlings said.

“Last year we put a considerable amount of time and effort into holding workshops with lenders to make sure they understood and would comply with the new credit laws. We also held seminars with budget advisers and community law groups to understand the key credit issues facing borrowers, and have updated our range of detailed written guidance for both borrowers and lenders.

“Developing an animations campaign reflects the diversity of the audience we need to reach and the reality that to do so requires a platform that is accessible and engaging. It’s All Good communicates serious messages in an entertaining format, providing another tool to reach consumers.”

The Commission has worked with creative advisors Stun and the Ministry for Pacific Peoples to develop the It’s All Good concept. Each episode features a situation many New Zealanders will be in at some stage in their life, for example getting a loan, being a guarantor or facing repossession.

“Over the next six weeks we will be promoting the series on social media and through our networks at budget advice and community law centres, with support from other government agencies. We also plan to tackle other issues, such as product safety and fair trading, introducing other characters into this world as it develops over the next year,” Ms Rawlings said.

finPOWER Connect 2.03.03 Released

Posted on February 03, 2016

To upgrade to this latest version please contact Amtrax Ltd, as an authorised Intersoft Reseller

Some of the highlights are:

  • Clients.
    • Identification Items now include an "Active" flag to deactivate an item without deleting it.
    • Client Ranges now support "Main" and "All Owners" in some places, e.g. Process Direct Debit Payments wizard.
  • Accounts
    • New option for Loan Accounts to apply a Minimum and Maximum Net Advance limit.
    • New Account wizard; new option to default Residual Value from Net Advance.
    • Email and SMS "to" lists now include the Dealer and Broker, and associated employees, of the Account.
    • Loan Statement; new option to include an Interest Rate breakdown for Interest transactions.
  • Account Applications.
    • Added Employment details for Individual Applicants.
    • Collateral Item wizard; now includes Insurance details.
    • Collateral Items; now include options to run a PPSR Search and Security Enquiry.
  • Transactions.
    • Transaction Entry; new option for Credit Interest to automatically post Withholding Tax.
    • Withdrawal Bank Transactions; can now be reversed.
    • Export Bank Transactions; new option for "Re-Export" to include or exclude Reversed Transactions.
    • Bank Lodgement; new option for "Re-Print" to include or exclude Reversed Transactions.
    • Income Distribution; new option to edit values and to save as a Transaction batch.
  • Disbursements.
    • Enhanced messages when reversing Disbursements.
    • Approving, Cancelling and Reversing Disbursements, new scripting functions added.
  • Workflows.
    • New Item Types "Account Restructure" and "Security Enquiry."
    • Security Register Search" Item Type now supports Australian PPSR.
    • Bank Account Enquiry items now send Email/ SMS in unattended mode if possible.
  • Tax Certificates.
    • Implemented for Fiji and Papua New Guinea.
  • General Ledger Export.
    • New option to default the GL Export Id.
  • Addressing.
    • Added "United States of America" as a supported Country.
  • Page Sets.
    • Grid Rows can now be hidden.
  • Centrix.
    • Security Enquiry now includes "Confirm Owner" enquiry.
  • Veda Connect Australia.
    • "Vedascore Apply" Credit Enquiries have been updated to the latest specification.
  • Electronic Signatures.
    • Downloaded documents are now automatically saved to the Account, Client etc document folder.
  • Code Snippets.
    • New code snippet samples added.
  • Window tabs.
    • Can now be dragged to re-order.

finPOWER Connect Newsletter

Posted on December 23, 2015

The Commerce Commission has prosecuted Sunway Finance Limited

As a follow up to our previous article here, the Commerce Commission has now successfully prosecuted Sunway Finance Limited (Sunway).

Sunway, an unlicensed money lender, was fined $30,000.00 in Auckland District Court and all of its loan contracts were extinguished. As a consequence, debtors do not have to pay back any outstanding money under these loans.

Sunway was found guilty of three charges brought by the Commerce Commission under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 (CCCFA), relating to failing to provide key information to customers about their loans.

The lending business was operated by Yuan Rong Yang who was fined $22,500.00 when he appeared in court on similar charges in October.

Mr Yang had been lending to Auckland’s Chinese community for at least 17 years. He was banned from lending indefinitely, ordered to pay $3,000.00 to a complainant in the case and his loan contracts were also quashed.

In sentencing Sunway, Judge Field said; "There was a general and blatant failure to provide the necessary documentation to those who may well have been desperate and prepared to enter into any agreement, sight unseen."

The full press release can be found here.

finPOWER Connect 2.03.03 Released

Posted on October 30, 2015

To upgrade to this latest version please contact Amtrax Ltd, as an authorised Intersoft Reseller

Some of the highlights are:

  • Cheque Printing.
    • You may now print Cheques from within finPOWER Connect.
    • Printed Cheques can be voided.
  • Electronic Signatures.
    • Beta release for Adobe Document Cloud eSign service.
  • Veda Australia Credit Bureau.
    • VedaScore Apply Credit Enquiry now includes a graphical Score.
  • Pools.
    • Increased size of code from 5 to 10 characters.
    • New option to auto-sequence Pool codes.
  • Banking.
    • New Bank Import service "WBC Cash Applied File" added.
  • Reporting.
    • Added Loan Weighted Interest Rate Report.
    • Added Account Application Summary Report.
  • Excel Interface.
    • New ISExcelSpreadsheet and related objects added.
    • Allows "xlsx" Excel files to be natively created.
    • Export/ Analyse with Excel enhanced to use new ISExcelSpreadsheet functionality.
  • Web Subscribers.
    • New option to add an IP White List.

The release of finPOWER Connect version 2.03.00.

Posted on July 10, 2015

The new release of finPOWER Connect version 2.03.00 To upgrade to this latest version please contact Amtrax Ltd, as an authorised Intersoft Reseller

Some of the changes are:

  • Credit Enquiry Add-On.
    • Services now included in the base system and therefore no longer part of the Credit Enquiry Add-On.
      • ABN Lookup (Australia).
      • NZ Companies Office (New Zealand).
      • Centrix (New Zealand).
    • New VedaConnect Vedascore Apply Service added for Australia.
    • New option on the Credit Report to show a warning if the Report is "out-of-date".
  • Centrix (New Zealand only).
    • All Centrix Credit Enquiry services are now available for all finPOWER Connect users.
      • Centrix Sign-up button added to Global Settings.
    • Consumer Product Enquiry updated to latest specification.
      • Name Only Insolvencies are now supported.
      • Identity Verification dataset has been retired and there is now a separate PEP Watchlist dataset.
      • New Enquiry Reason "PEP Watchlist". This allows a separate PEP Watchlist check to be made.
      • A Credit Report can now include optional PEP Watchlist and DIA Passport verification.
    • Added Wheels Search for enquiring on Motor Vehicle details, PPSR Interests and Valuation information.
      • This service requires the Security Register Add-On.
  • Security Enquiries.
    • "MotorWeb" Add-On renamed the "Security Enquiry" Add-On.
    • Simplified Global and User settings for MotorWeb, including moving some options to a new Security Enquiry Settings page.
    • Security Enquiry wizard replaces the MotorWeb Enquiry form. This allows more flexibility for future services.
    • New Centrix Wheels Search service added.
  • Bank Account Enquiry Add-On.
    • "Bank Statements" interface added for New Zealand Banks.
    • No longer rely on a Client Log. Instead Service Logs are used to store and update an Enquiry.
      • This allows Applicants or ad-hoc Bank Account Enquiries to be performed.
    • "Pending Bank Account Enquiries" wizard, under the Clients menu, has been replaced by the "Pending Service Requests" wizard found under the Process menu.
      • This wizard includes other non-Bank Account Enquiry requests that go through a "In Progress" state.
  • New Zealand CCCFA Changes.
    • Loan Contracts updated for June 2015 amendments.
      • New option added to print the Branch's logo.
    • Added "Licence Name" to Entities to compliment the Licence Number. Known as "Financial Service Provider Register" Number and Name in New Zealand. Also applies to Australia.
    • Added Dispute Resolution Scheme to Entities, and updated Loan Contract to use. Also can be used in Australia.
    • Repossession Documents, updated for June 2015 amendments.
    • Loan Statement, added optional Minimum Payment warning for Revolving Credit Loans.
  • Account Types.
    • Promotions can now be filtered by a range of Branches and Brokers.
  • Account Applications.
    • Added Tax and Other Information page to the standard Applicant wizard.
  • Gender.
    • Added options for Indeterminate and Intersex types.
    • Credit Enquiry wizard now highlights if Gender entered is different from that being sent to the Credit Bureau - as Credit Bureaus only currently support Male, Female and Unknown.
  • Banking.
    • Australian BSB list updated to June 2015.
    • New "Token" Payment Type. This is used in the new "WBC QuickBatch (Credit Card)" export service.
    • New "WBC QuickBatch (Credit Card)" export service added for Australia.
    • New "WBC QuickBatch" import service added for Australia. Handles the corresponding response file from the "WBC QuickBatch (Credit Card)" export service.
    • New "BNZ CSV" import service added for New Zealand. This supports both the original and new "Full" CSV file formats from the BNZ.
    • New "Kiwibank GIFTS (Direct Credit)" and "Kiwibank GIFTS (Direct Debit)" export services added for New Zealand.
    • New "WBC Business Online CSV" import service added for New Zealand.
  • Security Types.
    • Added Category and User Flag A and B.
  • Workflows.
    • New action to locate a Workflow in the Task Manager.
    • Summary Page updated to fix issues with multiple outcomes being displayed, to support a new "Compact Item View" mode and to display more information.
    • New "AfterItemGroupBegin" Script event added.
  • Decision Cards.
    • Scores can now include up to 4 decimal places. This makes it possible to return an Interest Rate, for example.
  • SMS Services.
    • Auditing enhanced and updated to make more consistent.
    • ClickSend SMS Service.
      • Reply to Phone Number can now be defined. This provides better tracking and separation of SMS messages.
  • Scripting.
    • Business Layer help is now included in the Setup package and is installed in the installation folder.
    • Whilst in the Script editor, pressing Alt+F1 performs a context sensitive help search.
  • Service Logs.
    • Major changes to ISServiceLogs Database table, Business Layer functionality and how this information is used.
    • Service Log form updated to show new information. Audit Page added.
  • Audit Search wizard.
    • Moved from Tools menu to Reports menu.
    • Updated to include changes for the Security Enquiry Add-On and Service Logs.
  • Purge wizard.
    • Audit Log and Service Log separated into two separate pages.
    • Service Logs; new "PurgeAction" on ISServiceLog records help automate purging of this table.
  • Web Services.
    • Test Web Services form now allows a Proxy Server to be defined.
    • New Business Layer functions added to build and parse JSON text.

CCCFA Credit Law Reforms

Posted on May 30, 2015

The Government has amended consumer credit laws to better protect consumers from irresponsible lending. Most lenders should be well aware by now that there are changes to Consumer Credit law that come into effect on 6th June. Essentially there are 2 key pieces of reform. These are the Amendments to the CCCFA and the Responsible Lending Code. These both come into effect for Contracts entered into on or after 6th June 2015.


This document outlines the configuration and procedural changes that finPOWER and finPOWER Connect clients may need to incorporate into their processes to accommodate changes brought about by the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act Amendment 2014. This document is not Legal Advice. It is recommended that independent consultation with your legal advisor is sought to ensure compliance with the new legislation on an individual basis.

The Amendments to the CCCFA

The Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Amendment Act 2014 largely leaves the historic provisions of the CCCFA intact. The Amendment Act focuses on Consumer Protection, rather than the historic focus on disclosure.

Major changes introduced in CCCFA Amendments are:

  • Hardship Provisions
    • Can now apply if Account has been in default for up to 2 months (previously Account had to be current before they applied for Hardship).
    • Some changes in Hardship timing.
  • Infringement Notices
    • Commerce Commission can now issue Infringement Notices rather than full Court proceedings.
    • Commerce Commission can now take action for up to 3 years from the date they are notified of an issue. This changes from the previous limit of 3 years from date contact was entered into.
  • Disclosure Requirements
    • Earlier and better disclosure now required.
    • Full Disclosure now required before loan is entered into (historically you had 5 days to provide full Disclosure documents).
    • Disclosure now has to include (as well as previous requirements)
      • Trading Name as well as Legal Name.
      • FSP number.
      • Dispute Resolution Scheme you are a member of as well as their contact details.
      • Details on the Debtors rights to apply for Hardship.
      • Where the contract includes a disabling device; full detail of the device, when it will be activated, how to use in an emergency.
    • Standard Terms and Conditions must be publicly available
      • Published on your website for each loan class if there are differences in the Terms for different Loan Classes.
      • Notice on premise of the availability of a copy of the Terms and Conditions.
    • Costs of Borrowing must be publicly available (interest rates and fee table)
      • Published on your website for each loan class.
      • Notice on premise of the availability of a copy of the Costs of Borrowing.
    • Variations (Agreed and Unilateral)
      • All exceptions now removed so all variations must be notified to the client.
      • Variations must be notified within 5 days of the Variation occurring.
      • Can be included in next Continuing Disclosure Statement.
    • Credit Limit Changes
      • Changes must be notified within 5 days.
      • Can be included in next Continuing Disclosure Statement.
    • Transfer Rights
      • Where the ownership of a loan changes (except for securitisation).
      • Within 10 days of the change of ownership you must notify the client of:
        • The new lender and their contact details (Legal and trading name).
        • FSP of the new lender.
        • Dispute Resolution Scheme of the new lender.
        • The impact the change of ownership will have on the borrower.
    • Continuing Disclosure Statement
      • After 6 June, Continuing Disclosure Statements must be sent at least 6 monthly.
      • Must be every 45 days or less in the case of Credit Cards.
      • Exclusion if the information is made available on a website.
    • If there is no or incomplete Disclosure
      • No interest of fees or other charges can be charged until complete disclosure is made, and then Interest and fees can only be charged from the date the full Disclosure was made.
    • Default Interest
      • Can only be charged on the overdue portion of the loan, not the entire balance.
      • If a loan is called up because of the default, Default interest cannot be charged on the entire called up amount, only the original overdue portion.
    • Repossession
      • Now part of the CCCFA and under the authority of the Commerce Commission.
      • Effective for any loans entered into on or after 6th June 2015.
      • No Major changes to the Credit Repossessions Act.
      • Repossession of certain goods:
        • Certain goods, deemed Essential Goods cannot be repossessed.
        • Any goods that Security is taken over must be fully and accurately identified i.e. serial numbers.
      • Repossession Agents must be licensed.
      • Repossession process changes:
        • Repossession Warning Notice (formerly the Pre Possession Notice) must be issued 15 days prior to Repossession, and is only valid for 60 days from issue.
        • Repossession Warning Notice must contain specific information:
          • Hardship rights.
          • Dispute Resolution Scheme details.
          • Information on Voluntary Repossession.
        • Repo Agent must provide:
          • Copy of Credit Contract.
          • Repo Licence.
        • Post Repossession Notice (formerly the Post Possession Notice) must be issued 14 days after the repossession has occurred.
        • Sale of Good Notice must be provided 15 days after the Post Repossession Notice.
        • Statement of Account must be provided 7 days after the sale of the goods.
        • Post Sale debt is frozen with no Interest or fees allowed to be charged to the account.
        • Commerce Commission position is that this includes recovery and court fees.

Responsible Lending

The onus is now on the lending business to act in a responsible manner in dealing with its clients. The CCCFA Amendments Act provides for Responsible Lending Principles only. The Responsible Lending Code provides the details of the actions that the Lender may take to comply with the Principles, however the Code is not a “Safe Harbour” in that compliance with the Code does not ensure you have met the Principles of the Act.
You cand read also The Responsible Lending principles and a copy of the Responsible Lending Code.

finPOWER Connect 2.02.06 Released

Posted on April 17, 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of finPOWER Connect version 2.02.06.
To upgrade to this latest version please contact us, as an authorised Intersoft Reseller.
Some of the highlights are:

  • Entities.
    New option to limit the Account Types available for an Entity.
  • Account Types.
    Removed 'Show Broker Information?' option, instead Brokers are automatically shown if there are any active Brokers.
  • Account Quotation wizard.
    Re-arranged order of fields on the Account Details page.
  • New Account wizard.
    Broker information moved to Product Type page.
  • Precomputed Interest Loan Accounts.
    If Interest is charged upfront, zero Interest transactions can now be hidden.
  • Deposit Accounts.
    Interest Payment Type change wizard now allows the Interest Balance to be capitalised.
    Reversed Investment transactions now affect the Account balance between the date it was originally created and it's reversal date.
    Deposit Control Report; Withholding Tax now shown as a separate row.
  • Account Applications.
    User Group and External Party filters implemented.
    Accept/ Decline Account Application wizard enhanced.
  • Credit Enquiries.
    Centrix Commercial service updated to latest specifications, including NZBN.
    CreditWorks interface; URL updated.
    Fixed 'Unhandled Exceptions' for VedaXML NZ 'Company Enquiry' and 'Commercial Check'.
  • Page Sets.
    Flow layout updated to better handle 'Fill Height' objects.
  • Workflows.
    New "Page Set" type Item added (for Version 2 Workflows). New Permission Key to prevent Users resetting Items. Added Account Application support for Workflow Reports.

Court Upholds Commerce Commission view of Fees

Posted on March 31, 2015

In a recent Court of Appeal case, the Commerce Commission has had its position on the charging of fees for Credit Contracts reinforced.
The Court of Appeal’s ruling, made public today, upheld earlier High Court judgments that backed the Commission’s approach to assessing whether credit fees charged by lenders are reasonable as required by the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA).
Commissioner Anna Rawlings said the Court of Appeal has provided a clear statement on the approach lenders should take to the fees they charge.
“The Court’s ruling provides easy to understand guidance for lenders, making it clear that credit fees should only cover costs that are closely related to the particular loan transaction. The Court of Appeal agreed with the Commission that the purpose of the CCCFA is to protect borrowers, especially vulnerable borrowers, by ensuring transparency in the costs of borrowing. Fees should not be used to recover general business costs or to generate profits – that is what interest is for,” Ms Rawlings said.

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Bluebay Home Loans a Finalist in the Lender of The Year Awards

Posted on February 3, 2015

The prestigious Lender of the Year Awards are hotly contested by the leading lenders in Australia each year. The 2015 Awards are no different with a large number of lenders competing in a number of categories. A long time finPOWER Connect user, Bluebay Home Loans from Perth has been selected as a finalist in the ultra-competitive Best First Home Buyer Lender Category.
The Category Criteria are, "Given that first home buyers are struggling under the burden of affordability and halving as a proportion of loans advanced, this award is designed to recognise the lender best catering for the needs of this key consumer segment".
Selection criteria include:

  • How the organisation has structured its business and offering to best service this market segment.
  • The organisation’s ongoing commitment to innovation, quality of product and service to this market segment.
  • Case studies or examples that showcase how the organisation caters for the needs of this market segment.
Gerry O’Donnell, General Manager of Bluebay Home Loans, says that “Even being selected as a finalist is a ringing endorsement of the commitment we have to our clients and the market sector. It is reflective of the hard work our team puts in every day to ensure the demands of this unique sector are met at every stage of the lending process”.
Bluebay Home Loans have been a user of finPOWER since 2011. Initially finPOWER Connect was installed to manage their patented Smart Families (Parent Assist) loan product. The system now manages a wide range of their loan portfolio and Bluebay continues to look to expand the use of it within their business.
Other finalists in the category are ANZ Bank, St George and Westpac, with the Winners announced at a gala event on 19 February.

finPOWER Connect Depositors Module Released

Posted on November 27, 2014

We are pleased to announce the release of the finPOWER Connect Depositors Module.
This has been included with the latest release, Version 2.02.02, and is now available for general use.
There has been a significant amount of development and testing work undertaken for this new module. The release is the culmination of many months work to bring together the best of the features from finPOWER, as well as adding a number of new functions and incorporating it all into the finPOWER Connect platform.
Some of the new features include:

  • Having interest paid directly to a loan account
  • Use of Rate Tables for Variable Interest Rates and Premium Rates
  • Regular contribution amounts including the ability to have these paid by Direct Debit
  • Regular withdrawal transactions
The new Depositors module has the benefit of being fully integrated into the finPOWER Connect platform which means there are some inherent new features as well. These include:
  • A fully featured Workflow engine
  • Full client information including expanded use of custom data fields
  • Improved handling of Broker relationships and payments via disbursement accounts
  • Multiple Entities per database
  • Updated auditing and control facilities
  • Latest technology platform
This is in addition to the expected features of interest calculation and handling, Withholding tax processing and reporting. For a demonstration of the new finPOWER Connect Depositors Module. Please contact us, as your local Intersoft Reseller

finPOWER Connect Depositors Module

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